Travel Tip: International Connections

If you travel internationally at all, you might find your camera bag and/or luggage filled with a multitude of electrical plug adapters especially if there are numerous countries on your itinerary. As illustrated in the image above, not an easy organizational feat by any means. That is until now….

Under the Christmas tree just recently, I found a gift from my lovely wife, a wonderful device from Tumi. (OK, OK, I left plenty of hints with a Tumi brochure with the above item circled and a printed MapQuest search with the location of the nearest Tumi store).

Anyway, the item is listed as a “USB Cellphone Charger Kit” but does much more.¬† It acts as a USB Charger and electrical adaptor. It will handle 110-220 V and the four different plug configurations it provides are advertised to work in over 150 countries, all within one compact kit with beautifully constructed carrying case.

It comes standard with a multitude of tip-adapters that will most likely fit most popular cell phone brands to date and also a self retracting USB chord and automobile cigarette lighter adapter.

The above kit as described sells for roughly $95 USD. I you feel the removable USB portion is not for you, there is another Tumi electric adapter (only) with it’s own case that sells for about $50. You can bet that I will be making room for this functional little device in my international carry-on ¬†from now on.

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  1. Compact and well-organized: two key requirements for international travel. Looks like a very handy piece of gear. Thanks.

  2. Great William and thank you for sharing..

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