A Prayer for Burma

Sunday, Nov. 7, 2010

Once again the self-elected military rulers of Burma put on a show for the people by having a “Democratic Election”. The first in 20 years. The choices; one despicable military general or another even more despicable military general. The foreign press was not allowed into the country and the ruling junta was accused of shutting down internet service throughout the last couple of days. Early reports state that turnout at the polls was lackluster at best as the people went to their local pagodas and socialized instead. If anything good is to come of this it is that nobel laureate Aung San Suu Kyi’s house arrest is supposed to end next Saturday, Nov. 13. That is, if the military rulers keep their word. We’ve seen that before.

Today I thought posting some environmental portraits of the lovely people I connected with would be appropriate, a tribute to the Burmese people that I have been blessed enough to laugh, touch and smile with over the last couple of years. My heart goes out to you….

(Clicking on the images below will bring up a larger image. The same goes throughout my Photoblog)

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  1. Hello William,

    Found your link through the Leica Forum and want to say Hello.

    We are currently traveling around Asia with a Leica M9 and found your site interesting. Hope your travels are going well. You photos are great. Consider yourself bookmarked!

    David and Helen.

  2. Thanks David and Helen.

    I really enjoy your travel/photoblog and will be bookmarking it as well. Stay safe!

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